U2’s Zooropa re-imagined as a zoological chart!


    In 1993, U2 set out to make an EP which wound up becoming a full-blown album. This would be but a brief blip in music history had it not taken place so closely to the release of their seminal 1991 release, Achtung Baby. The EP-turned-LP in question, Zooropa, was quickly recorded during a break in their Zoo TV tour, and while it may not have achieved the instant classic acclaim Achtung garnered, it’s a record that stands on its own.

    This week, you’ll likely discover new articles analyzing the record on its 20th anniversary, breaking it apart and putting it back together again. We here at CoS are no stranger to dissecting a discography or dusting off a beloved/forgotten classic. However, for Zooropa, we wanted to do something a little different. Okay. Very different.

    Guys, we assigned an animal to every song.

    – Justin Gerber
    Senior Staff Writer