A Collection of Songs Made Awesome by Film, TV, and Humanity


    Songs Made Awesome

    Consequence of Sound Editor-in-Chief Michael Roffman began our feature A Collection of Songs Ruined by Film, TV, and Humanity with the following observation: “Influence is a bastard, a rugged dog, waiting on a street corner with gnarled teeth. Once that mutt clenches down, it leaves behind a hideous scar — a reminder.” The point being that while a song may remain the same, our notion of it can be changed by the different ways we experience it.

    In that instance, we talked about how film, TV, and anything else we could think of had forever ruined certain songs for us. But there are two sides to every Schwartz, Lone Starr. So, consider this our attempt to shelve our requisite Internet pessimism for just a bit. Here is a collection of songs made awesome by film, TV, and whatever else people may do. So, yeah, influence may still be a bastard and a rugged dog waiting on a street corner. But, you know, sometimes that dog waits with puppy kisses instead of gnarled teeth. Quick, now read before we become miserable jerks again.

    –Matt Melis
    Senior Editor

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