Here are the 50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now, according to Rolling Stone


    Rolling Stone is back with its list of the 50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now, and obviously Bruce Springsteen is No. 1. Obviously because it’s Rolling Stone; Springsteen could record himself coughing for 50 minutes, release it as an album, and they’d give it 5 Stars (we probably would too, tbh). Also obviously, because let’s be honest, there is no other correct answer.

    Prince was No. 2 on the list, because after Springsteen, there’s no one better than Prince. Arcade Fire came in at No. 4. Jay Z is at No. 6, which is 14 spots ahead of Kanye West, who I would argue is a more interesting live performer, but then again, HOV is the one touring stadiums right now. Radiohead is at 7; At Ease members are welcome to mail their complaints to the Rolling Stone editors at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104. Jack White is at No. 8. Rage Against the Machine, who last played together in 2011, is at No. 9. U2′s check bounced, so they’re No. 11. Paul McCartney’s check also bounced, so he’s at No. 15. Nine Inch Nails are at No. 17 (LOL). Tom Waits, who hasn’t toured in five years, is at No. 22. Pearl Jam is at No. 23 (LOL). Oh, and somehow Sleigh Bells are ahead of Beyoncé. But, good list.

    Here’s the whole thing:

    50. Fiona Apple
    49. Taylor Swift
    48. Green Day
    47. Sigur Ros
    46. Tool
    45. Lady Gaga
    44. Janelle Monae
    43. Mumford and Sons
    42. Skrillex
    41. Tame Impala
    40. Eric Church
    39. Rush
    38. Queens of the Stone Age
    37. The National
    36. Florence and the Machine
    35. Bruno Mars
    34. Foo Fighters
    33. Beyonce
    32. Sleigh Bells
    31. David Byrne
    30. Madonna
    29. Muse
    28. Patti Smith
    27. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    26. Leonard Cohen
    25. Phish
    24. Dave Matthews Band
    23. Pearl Jam
    22. Tom Waits
    21. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    20. Kanye West
    19. The Roots
    18. Metallica
    17. Nine Inch Nails
    16. Alabama Shakes
    15. Paul McCartney
    14. The Black Keys
    13. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    12. Wilco
    11. U2
    10. My Morning Jacket
    09. Rage Against the Machine
    08. Jack White
    07. Radiohead
    06. Jay Z
    05. Neil Young
    04. Arcade Fire
    03. The Rolling Stones
    02. Prince
    01. Bruce Springsteen