Justin Timberlake talks The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2, VMAs, musical future in new interview

    20 20 experience 2 timberlake

    Fresh off his reunion with ‘N Sync at the VMAs, Justin Timberlake made a trip to New York’s Hot 97 earlier today. He spoke extensively with Angie Martinez about the recording process behind The 20/20 Experience and its forthcoming sequel, the VMAs and Miley Cyrus, going out on double dates with Jay Z and Beyoncé, and his future in music.

    Among the highlights:

    — Timberlake confirmed Pt. 2 will feature both Jay Z and Drake. The songs, titled “Murder” and “Cabaret”, receptively, were recorded over a year ago. In fact, “Murder” was recorded prior to “Suit & Tie” or any of the collaborations on Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

    — In regards to his future and whether he’ll be taking another lengthy hiatus from music, Timberlake said, “It really comes down to, ‘do you have something to say?’… I have a lot of ideas for even beyond this double album of where a sound could go from the songs we just did, and had conversations with [Timbaland] and Pharrell about it.”

    — His opinion on the public outcry stemming from Miley Cyrus’ twerking? “She’s young, take it easy on her.”

    Replay the two-segment interview below. The tracklist to The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2, due out September 30th, follows.

    The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2 Tracklist:
    01. Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)
    02. True Blood
    03. Cabaret (feat. Drake)
    04. T K O
    05. Take Back the Night
    06. Murder (feat. Jay Z)
    07. Drink You Away
    08. You Got It On
    09. Amnesia
    10. Only When I Walk Away
    11. Not A Bad Thing