The CoS Quiz: Eagulls

    eagulls quiz

    The CoS Quiz is a brand-new feature where we ask your favorite artists all the tough, probing questions. Who is their celebrity crush? What is their spirit animal? What’s the weirdest thing they’ve thought about while onstage or in the studio? Prepare to see a side of your favorites you could’ve never dreamed up.

    Eagulls are not Eagles. They’ve probably never even heard of Eagles. If slur-mouthed vocalist George Mitchell hung out with Don Henley, they’d be too different to even get into a fight. They’d probably just sit in armchairs staring at other in confusion while a grandfather clock awkwardly swung to and fro in the background. Maybe Mitchell would get along with the equally indecipherable Joe Walsh, but even that’s a stretch.

    The musical bird Eagulls are closest to is probably fellow Brit-punk act The Buzzcocks. However, the former has a more machine-like rhythm and grim mood than the latter—from the sound of “Hollow Visions” and “Tough Luck” (other mired titles include “Nerve Endings” and “Yellow Eyes”), bassist Tom Kelly clearly listens to a lot of Joy Division without aping them in the band’s own music.


    Signed to Partisan Records after playing South By Southwest, the Leeds quintet storms CMJ Music Marathon this weekend with their signature brand of snarling, yet melodic punk. Check out their flyer for a list of scheduled shows, then read Kelly’s appropriately animal-centric responses to our CoSmo quiz.

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