Our Most Read Stories of 2013

    most read 2013

    2013 was Consequence of Sound’s biggest year yet, with over 30 million unique readers. Of the 7,000 articles published over the last 365 days, these 10 were read the most.

    10. Letterman flips out after watching Cage the Elephant perform on Late Show

    cage the elephant letterman

    When David Letterman likes a band, he shows it. Case in point: Cage the Elephant’s appearance on the Late Show back in October. While the band’s performance of “Come a Little Closer” was impressive in its own right, it will forever be overshadowed by Dave’s completely over-the-top reaction, which came across as 100% sincere. “I mean, my God, really, that’s it, no more calls, we have a winner!” Dave proclaimed. “What do you want? This is all you need! For God sakes, come on you guys! Let’s go out there and do something! Let’s go get in fights or something! Just tremendous!” Remind us again why anyone ever watches Leno?