Is this the worst DJ set of all time?

    DreamHack is a celebration of digital art and gaming, held semi-annually in Stockholm, Sweden. The festival prides itself on being drug and alcohol free. It also holds an amateur DJ competition.

    Not surprisingly, things didn’t go so well for one recent contestant.

    First, he turned on iTunes

    dj 6

    Then, it was time to pump up the crowd

    dj 7

    Only, the crowd wasn’t really feeling it

    dj 8


    dj 1

    He made his way to the front of the stage, because stage presence!

    dj 2

    The only problem? “Hands-free” DJing isn’t a thing.

    dj 4

    At least he brought everyone in the audience jellybeans…

    dj 3

    And bow.

    dj 5

    Watch the full video: