Listen: Papercuts’ gorgeous new song “Still Knocking At The Door”

    Following a lengthy stint with Sub Pop, Jason Quever’s indie rock project Papercuts has joined fledgling label Easy Sound Recording Co. for the May 6th release of its latest album, Life Among the Savages.

    Opening track “Still Knocking At The Door” is lovely and calming song, brimming with ornate strings, spacious drums, and Quever’s whispery falsetto. Listen in below:

    Life Among the Savages Tracklist:
    01. Still Knocking At The Door
    02. New Body
    03. Life Among The Savages
    04. Staring At The Bright Lights
    05. Family Portrait
    06. Easter Morning
    07. Psychic Friends
    08. Afterlife Blues
    09. Tourist