Red Hot Chili Peppers ruined Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Halftime Performance


    Millions of people tuned into the Super Bowl Sunday, and after watching Denver’s offense forget how to play for 30 minutes, they were treated to one of the better halftime shows in recent memory. Bruno Mars actually turned in a pitch-perfect performance, showing off his fancy footwork, seriously impressive live vocals, and even giving the Super Bowl its first drum solo.

    bruno mars 1

    It was surprisingly intimate for a Super Bowl Halftime show, with Mars even taking the stage solo for the “Just The Way You Are” closer.

    bruno mars 2

    But after running through “Locked Out of Heaven”, “Treasure”, and “Runaway”, he started singing the “Give It Away” refrain, and things took a remarkably awkward turn. Red Hot Chili Peppers rose from the back of the stage, shirtless and elderly compared to Mars’ golden band.


    rchp bruno mars

    Watching the band spaz out and jump about singing a track from 1991 while this young, hot pop star did his thing was a worse matchup than Denver’s offensive line and Seattle’s all-in defense.

    bruno chili peppers

    Still, by night’s end, it proved a better performance than Peyton’s.

    chili peppers bruno

    Replay it in full:


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