Wale is really terrible at basketball, Drake is just goofy


    This year’s NBA All-Star Game Weekend included a performance from Kendrick Lamar prior to Saturday night’s Dunk Content and will feature Janelle Monáe and Pharrell will perform during tonight’s All-Star Game. Rappers Drake and Wale also made appearances during this weekend’s festivities, but for entirely different reasons.

    On Friday night, rapper Wale took part in the NBA’s Celebrity All Star Game, alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon, Kevin Hart, and Michael B. Jordan.

    wale nba

    From the very start, things didn’t go so well…

    wale nba 2

    His shot was off…

    wale nba 3

    As was his bounce pass…

    wale nba 4

    By game’s end, Wale was even running into his own teammates.

    wale nba 5

    Watch all of Wale’s “highlights” below:

    Drake, meanwhile, appeared at the NBA All-Star Game Dunk Contest on Saturday night to show his support for Toronto Raptors player Terrence Ross, who won the contest last year. Drizzy helped Ross carry in his trophy.

    drake nba

    Drake also was there to hold the ball up for Ross’ dunk.


    drake nba 2

    Is it just me or did Drake gulp?

    drake nba 3

    They eventually got the dunk to go in, but it wasn’t enough for Ross to take home a second straight victory.

    In the future, maybe these two should just rap about basketball.


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