Watch: Jonny Greenwood debut new guitar song “Loop”

Radiohead guitarist performed at London's Wapping Hydraulic Power Station

    Jonny Greenwood alert: As previously reported, the Radiohead multi-instrumentalist headed a gig at London’s Wapping Hydraulic Power Station Sunday night alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra. Since it’s doubtful you embarked on a late-February Eurotrip — that is, unless you’re on a Radiohead-themed honeymoon-of-sorts — odds are this here four-minute clip is the closest thing to a ticket you’ll find (via The Guardian).

    Titled “Loop”, the revolving textures that Greenwood ties together sounds like something akin to Amnesiac-era Radiohead. It’s morose, meditative, even melancholy — three M’s that are sure to satiate all the sadists who listen to “Knives Out” on the way to their rigorous depravity society calls “work.” Damn you, Mr. Government. Damn you.

    Anywho, gettin’ a little carried away there. Watch below.