What we learned from St. Vincent’s Reddit AMA

    This afternoon, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark became the latest artist to take the plunge into the weird, wonderful world of Reddit. During her 45-minute Ask Me Anything (AMA), she revealed her favorite hip-hop album, ideal sandwich, discussed her musical inspirations and songwriting process, and confirmed that she does indeed like Death Grips.

    Here are the highlights:

    — Her all-time favorite rap album is Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

    — Aside from guitar her favorite instrument is modular synthesizer, “because there is an element of unpredictability.”

    — She described her songwriting process as such: “I collect ideas, words, melodies when I’m on the road. When it’s time to write an album, I go to work every day. 10-7. Day job!”


    — Her favorite song to play live is “Bring Me Your Loves”.

    — Her favorite Beatles song is “Happiness is a Warm Gun”.

    — Her favorite writers are Lorrie Moore, James Baldwin, and Roland Barthes.

    — In high school, she listened to Cibo Matto, Solex, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Tool, and “lots of jazz.”

    — She’s a massive fan of Swans and says working with Michael Gira “changed the way I think about music forever.”

    — She used to play in metal bands and noise bands.

    — She’d “love” to write a film score. “Attn: Michael Haneke,” she added.


    — She uses the word “bitchin!”

    — Peanut butter and jelly is her “ideal” sandwich.

    — “If you want to fuck shit up, you should definitely fuck shit up”

    — Her favorite soccer memory is “a ziplock bag full of orange slices.”

    — She loves Arrested Development and really named her debut album Marry Me after the line in the show.

    — Her life long dream was to be a musician: “I think if you have a plan b you’ll never do plan a.”

    — Her next album? “Maybe a sludgecore record.”

    — “I like death grips, yeah!”