Funk band Vulfpeck attempts to fund tour by asking fans to stream silent album on Spotify


    Though Spotify has long been criticized for their somewhat suspect payment structure, Ann Arbor, Michigan funk outfit Vulfpeck has come up with a brilliant scheme to use the streaming service to fund its upcoming tour.

    Last week, they uploaded a 10-track album of complete silence called Sleepify to Spotify. As frontman Jack Stratton explains (via SPIN), if someones put Sleepify on repeat before they go to bed, just 800 listens will generate $4. While that doesn’t sound like much, if enough people stream the album, eventually, the band’s tour will be completely funded. What’s more, if this crazy idea actually does work the band will use Spotify’s data to pinpoint where they should tour. The band plans promises each concert will be free.

    With tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, the band tweeted, “please don’t “shuffle” Sleepify. I know this might come of snobbish, but we spent a lot of time on track order.” They also took to Facebook to jokingly complain about illegal downloads of the album and to hawk for ZICO Coconut Water.


    However, Spotify seems to be taking the news in stride, as a representative told Digiday, “This is a clever stunt, but we prefer Vulfpeck’s earlier albums. Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage’s work.” They might have a point, as Cage did compose “4′33″”, a silent, three movement piece in 1952. But either way, it’s still a pretty ingenious idea.

    Stream Sleepify below because why the hell not

    And here’s what the band actually sounds like.

    Watch the band’s video announcing their ingenious business plan:

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