Here are Andrew W.K.’s headshots from when he was a model

    If you’re like me, you just assumed Andrew W.K. was born rocking that Cro-Magnon haircut and beard and dressed in his signature all-white outfit (usually covered in some mixture of sweat, blood, and Taco Bell). Yet before he was Planet Earth’s Party Guru, the world record holder in drumming, or a spokesman for sexual hygiene products, W.K. tried his hand at modeling and acting in the late ’90s. Now, thanks to the Village Voice, we get a first-hand look at his headshots, and boy oh boy, did Milan and/or Hollywood ever miss out big time.


    This makes Magnum look like Blue Steel.


    Hey ladies, he likes long walks on the beach and monster truck rallies.


    Hey, everyone, it’s Nick Cave’s younger brother, Andy Cave.


    I was going to make a joke, but W.K.’s flowing mane legit distracted me.


    If they ever make a Strokes biopic, here’s our Julian Casablancas.


    “I have to return some videotapes.”

    Check out the rest of W.K.’s pictures here. Then, remind yourself why we should all be thankful the modeling thing didn’t work out by watching this Fox News interview: