Listen: The Faint’s new song “Dress Code”

    The Faint have unveiled another track from their comeback album Doom Abuse, due out April 8th via SQE Music. Following the jolting “Help in the Head” and the concussive “Salt My Doom”, “Dress Code” is far less abrasive or confrontational, an oddly infectious concoction of Transformers-esque vocals and quirky synths that’s totally playful in its absolute bizarreness. It’s as if members of your high school’s A.V. Club and robotics team formed a Devo cover band, only 1,000% more nerdy.

    Listen in below (via Stereogum):

    Doom Abuse Tracklist:
    01. Help in the Head
    02. Mental Radio
    03. Evil Voices
    04. Salt My Doom
    05. Animal Needs
    06. Loss of Head
    07. Dress Code
    08. Scapegoat
    09. Your Stranger
    10. Lesson from the Darkness
    11. Unseen Hand
    12. Damage Control