The 66-song, 5-hour setlist for 311 Day 2014

    Almost every child of the 90s undoubtedly had a 311 phase. Mine was pretty hardcore: I listened to their Greatest Hits CD every morning on the school bus (“Beautiful Disaster” was my jam) and I probably saw them three or four times at the venue formerly known as Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA. One year for my birthday, I asked my parents for an airline ticket to New Orleans so I could go to 311 Day. Not yet knowing of Lollapalooza or Coachella, this seemed like the greatest musical mecca, five rap-rock-fueled hours of SA’s sick rhymes, P-Nut’s sick bass lines, and Chad Sexton’s sick drum solos. (At that point in my life, I also had a terrible vocabulary.) My parents didn’t let me go, so my 311 Day memories will never extend beyond the 311 Day DVD we used to burn through every Friday night.

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still intrigued by 311 Day. I doubt I’d ever go for fun or on assignment (Keith Sprea, you have my undying respect), but there’s something about a band playing 60+ songs over five hours that’s worthy of our attention. Aside from Springsteen or Pearl Jam, there aren’t many acts who can claim such a feat. Which is why even now I keep a watchful eye on the day’s activities.

    So here’s a look at the 66 songs 311 played for 311 Day 2014 (via It included several live debuts, rarities, greatest hits, and songs from their new album Stereolithic, with accompaniment from the Rebirth Brass Band, an orchestra, and a drum line. All in all, the show consisted of three separate sets, with two intermissions and an encore. When it was all said and done, the band was on-stage playing their instruments for a total of four hours and twenty minutes.


    Check out the full setlist, plus a fan-sourced video montage of the day’s festivities, below.

    Don’t Stay Home
    Freeze Time
    Other Side of Things
    What Was I Thinking
    How Long Has it Been (1st Time Live)
    Full Ride
    Jackolantern’s Weather
    Five of Everything
    Do You Right
    Get Down
    Two Drops In The Ocean
    Wild Nights
    Make it Rough (1st Time Live)
    Strong All Along (with Rebirth Brass Band)
    Sunset In July (with Rebirth Brass Band)
    Beautiful Disaster (with Rebirth Brass Band)
    Little Brother (1st Time Live)

    Set 2
    Long for the Flowers
    Can’t Fade Me
    Ebb & Flow
    T & P Combo
    Revelation of the Year
    Seal The Deal (2nd Time Live)
    Visit (Dedicated to Fans Who Traveled Long Distances for 311 Day)
    Sick Tight
    Rub A Dub
    Crack The Code
    Bass Solo
    Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm (with a Large Orchestra)
    Coda (with a Large Orchestra)
    Use of Time (with a Large Orchestra)
    Time Is Precious (with a Large Orchestra)
    Dreamland (with a Large Orchestra)
    Beyond The Gray Sky (with a Large Orchestra)
    Will the World (with a Large Orchestra)
    Eons (with a Large Orchestra)

    Set 3
    Livin’ & Rockin’
    Hey You
    Bomb The Town
    Whiskey & Wine
    Applied Science (with Drum Solo and Full Band Drum Line)
    First Dimension
    (1st Time Live)
    My Stoney Baby
    Still Dreaming
    My Heart Sings (1st Time Live)
    Who’s Got The Herb?
    Sun Come Through
    Feels So Good
    Creatures (For A While)


    Freak Out
    Fuck The Bullshit