Listen: Archie Bronson Outfit’s rollicking new song “We Are Floating”

    On May 10th, Archie Bronson Outfit — comprised of musicians S. Windett and Arp Cleveland — will release their new album, Wild Crush, via Domino Recording Company. The nine-track LP marks the English duo’s fourth to date and their first since 2010’s Coconut.

    According to a press release, Wild Crush is just the latest stopover in A.B.O.’s eclectic “musical journey”. Thus far been, it’s been a maddening voyage informed by everything from “driving krautrock motorik beats and moments of classic psych disorientation, to journeys deep into the heart of the Mississippi blues heartlands or ‘O Superman’ pioneering spirit of N.Y. circa 1981.”

    It’s no surprise, then, that their new single “We Are Floating” rallies together a hodgepodge of styles. There’s a bit of Franz Ferdinand’s dance-punk jitters, The Black Keys’ bluesy grit, and even Wolf Parade’s experimental panache. (Plus, the vocals remind me of Spencer Krug’s hollow wailing). It bravely explores strange new soundscapes, all while still being pleasantly familiar. Take a listen below via the track’s colorful and cartoonish music video.


    Wild Crush Tracklist:
    1. Two Doves On A Lake
    2. In White Relief
    3. We Are Floating
    4. Love To Pin You Down
    5. Lori From The Outer Reaches
    6. Cluster Up & Hover
    7. Glory, Sweat And Flow
    8. Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody
    9. Country Miles