Listen: Emma Ruth Rundle’s captivating new song “Run Forever”

    Up until now, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle has divided her time between a number of different bands, including The Nocturnes, Red Sparowes, and Marriages. This summer, however, she plans to venture out on her own with her solo debut, Some Heavy Ocean

    The 10-track effort looks to be an enchanting collection of atmospheric, folk-rock, as evidenced by last month’s “Arms I Know So Well” and this newly unveiled track entitled “Run Forever”. Shrouded in a cloud of smoky, post-rockish guitar work, Rundle’s voice is magnetic, possessing not only a tingling electricity, but also a compelling tenderness.  “If we both go down, we go down together,” she sings, her words a faint, yet impassioned plea. Check it out below (via Stereogum).


    Some Heavy Ocean is due out May 20th via Sargent House.

    Some Heavy Ocean Tracklist:
    01. Some Heavy Ocean
    02. Shadows of My Name
    03. Your Card the Sun
    04. Run Forever
    05. Haunted Houses
    06. Arms I Know So Well
    07. Oh Sarah
    08. Savage Saint
    09. We Are All Ghosts
    10. Living With The Black Dog