Listen: Fucked Up cover The Ugly’s “Disorder”

    On April 22nd, Fucked Up will release the latest in their long-running Zodiac singles series with “Year of the Dragon”. In addition to the 18-minute title track, the 12-inch features two B-sides that pay homage to Toronto’s storied punk scene: a cover of Cardboard Brains’ “I Wanna Be A Yank” and a cover of The Ugly’s “Disorder”, the latter of which is streaming below.

    If you’re not up to date on your Canadian music history, The Ugly was heralded as one of the city’s “heaviest bands”, with bassist Screamin’ Sam Ferrara once commenting, “If the Toronto punk scene was underground, we were below that, we were the outlaws of the underground.” With some hefty shoes to fill, Fucked Up respond by upping the fuzz and sleaze factor, coming off as some grimy blues-rock-hybrid band stuck playing the same awful dive bar night after night. It’s less of an anthemic, revel-in-the-chaos kind of moment, but the slightly metal, dirt-stained vibe fits the outfit brilliantly.

    Listen in below:

    The “Year of the Dragon” 12-inch is pressed on white vinyl and includes a bonus 7-inch flexi disc featuring a six-minute edit of the title track. Pre-orders are ongoing.


    Following that release, the band will return with their fourth studio album Glass Boys on June 3rd via Matador Records. If you haven’t already, check out lead single “Paper the House”.

    Year of the Dragon Tracklist:
    01. Year of the Dragon
    02. I Wanna Be a Yank (Cardboard Brains cover)
    03. Disorder (The Ugly cover)