Listen: Klaxons’ new song “Atom To Atom”

    In describing their upcoming third album Love Frequency, British indie rockers Klaxons said it’s where “RnB production, prog and dance music sensibilities collide somewhere near the summit of Hit Parade. (A place) where it’s possible to make bizarre, transformative pop music which can conquer stadiums just as well as backward, tub thumping rock or gumboot American EDM DJs.”

    Already they’ve offered a glimpse of their magical musical destination with “There Is No Other Time” and “Children of the Sun” (produced by Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands), and now they continue the guided tour with “Atom To Atom”. If each track represents a different club night in a city (“Other Time” is the disco, “Children” is the rave), then “Atom To Atom” is the scary industrial evening in a decrepit warehouse. Any tinges of sex appeal and playfulness are stripped, leaving lush harmonies and chirpy keys to be absolutely buried under an avalanche of thick, jarring bass grooves. You may rage so hard that you’ll shatter your kneecaps, so be warned.

    Listen in below:

    Love Frequency is due out June 9th via Akashic Rekords. “Atom To Atom” is available for free download with all album pre-orders.


    Love Frequency Tracklist:
    01. A New Reality
    02. There Is No Other Time
    03. Show Me A Miracle
    04. Out Of The Dark
    05. Children Of The Sun
    06. Invisible Forces
    07. Rhythm Of Life
    08. Liquid Light
    09. The Dreamers
    10. Atom To Atom
    11. Love Frequency

    Below, check out the album’s artwork, which looks like their own designer drug. (Most Special K, anyone?)