Listen: “Pieces of the Puzzle” from Taylor Hawkins’ new band The Birds of Satan

    As previously reportedFoo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins has teamed with Mick Murphy and Wiley Hodgen to form The Birds of Satan. On April 15th, the Birds will release a self-titled album of seven prog-rock originals via Shanabelle Records.

    Already we’ve heard the flashy “Thanks for the Line”, and today the trio’s unveiled “Pieces of the Puzzle”. Featuring current Yes frontman Jon Davison, who Hawkins has known since childhood, the track goes right for the jugular, pummeling ear canals with a cannonade of sweltering guitar licks, blistering drums, and the piss and vinegar of a pure punk anthem. Even Hawkins, whose always sung like he’s got perpetual bronchitis, manages to sound extra dirty and forceful.

    Listen in below (via Billboard):


    In addition to Davison, the album features Dave Grohl (who co-wrote the “nearly 10-minute proggy opening suite” titled “The Ballad of the Birds of Satan”), Pat Smear, Butch Vig, Foos touring keyboardist Rami Jaffee, and percussionist Drew Hester. The album was recorded in just one week at Grohl’s Studio 606 in Northridge, California.

    The Birds of Satan Tracklist:
    01. The Ballad of the Birds of Satan
    02. Thanks for the Line
    03. Pieces Of The Puzzle
    04. Raspberries
    05. Nothing at All
    06. Wait Til Tomorrow
    07. Too Far Gone to See