Listen: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s new song “Eurydice”

    If you’re unfamiliar with Greek mythology and/or didn’t listen to Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, the saga of Eurydice is a sordid tale of a young woman dragged to the Underworld. Her husband, Orpheus, braves legions of monsters and fiends with nothing but the aid of his “enchanting” music in order to win her back. (Spoiler Alert: it more or less ends OK for the two lovebirds).

    Now, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have penned their own track entitled “Eurydice”, which serves as our second taste of their upcoming third album Days of Abandon. On the one hand, they’ve maintained their pledge of music’s that “joyful and full of light”, crafting an anthemic slice of dance-pop whose bright harmonies and shimmery synths would be the perfect soundtrack to some saccharine rom-com. Even under all that warmth, though, the romanticism of Kip Berman’s vocals strike at the kind of earnest commitment and dedication that serves as the true heart of the Eurydice fable.

    Listen in below:

    Days of Abandon hits stores on April 22nd via Yebo Music. For more sounds, check out lead single “Simple and Sure”.

    Days of Abandon Tracklist:
    01. Art Smock
    02. Simple and Sure
    03. Kelly
    04. Beautiful You
    05. Coral and Gold
    06. Eurydice
    07. Masokissed
    08. Until The Sun Explodes
    09. Life After Life
    10. The Asp at My Chest