Listen: White Lung’s new song “Snake Jaw”

    Vancouver punk outfit White Lung have unveiled “Snake Jaw”, the second single from their third album, Deep Fantasy, due out June 17th via their new label, Domino Recording Co.

    Following the smashing “Drown with the Monster”, “Snake Jaw” sees the trio invoke the fury of the metal gods, stringing together crunchy power chords, a thunderous barrage of percussion, and vocals that mix outright disdain with a slight sense of theatricality. It’s a perfectly visceral soundtrack for singer Mish Way’s ferocious lyrical assault against our shared obsession with body image. 

    “That song’s about body dysmorphia and its residuals,” Way told Rookie Magazine. “It is about the fact that women—myself included—still struggle so much with the idea of what we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to look like and how that pertains to our sexuality, our power, our attractiveness, and even our intelligence. It’s that battle we’re constantly fighting. BETTER, THINNER, PRETTIER. Being crippled by a hatred for your own body — why? How did that happen to our fucking culture?”


    Listen in below:

    “Drown with the Monster” b/w “Snake Jaw” will be released as a 7-inch on April 29th.

    Deep Fantasy Tracklist:
    01. Drown with the Monster
    02. Down It Goes
    03. Snake Jaw
    04. Face Down
    05. I Believe You
    06. Wrong Star
    07. Just for You
    08. Sycophant
    09. Lucky One
    10. In Your Home