Watch: Syd Arthur’s in-studio session and video interview

    Consequence of Sound, in conjunction with McDonald’s, is excited to share the latest installment of its Festival Fever video series featuring English psych-folk band Syd Arthur

    Watch as the band performs two tracks from their new album Sound Mirror (4/22 via Harvest Records): “Garden of Time” is a mix of the quaint and the anthemic, with folsky harmonies layered of a surge of prog-rock guitars, while “Hometown Blues” is, true to its title, a bluesy jam with strands of funk and prog strewn throughout.

    For the Q&A portion, the band discusses where they got their unique moniker, playing festivals in the UK and Europe, their collaboraive approach to writing lyics, the influence of the Internet, and much more.

    Check out all the videos below.

    “Garden of Time”:

    “Hometown Blues”: