Watch: Ty Segall’s full performance at Coachella 2014

Mikal Cronin // Photo by Ted Maider

    Photo by Ted Maider

    The mighty Ty Segall brought the rock and roll to Coachella on Saturday afternoon with a ferocious 13-song performance. The hour-long set featured three brand-new songs (“Green Belly”, “Tall Man Skinny Lady”, and “Feel”), a cover of Motörhead’s “Motörhead”, and several tracks from his Ty Segall Band side project. Replay the full performance below.

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    Wave Goodbye (Ty Segall Band song)
    You’re the Doctor
    Death (Ty Segall Band song)
    I Bought My Eyes (Ty Segall Band song)
    Slaughterhouse (Ty Segall Band song)
    Thank God for Sinners
    Green Belly (New Song)
    Tall Man Skinny Lady (New Song)
    Feel (New Song)
    Motörhead (Motörhead cover)
    Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart