WIFE announces debut album, What’s Between, stream “Heart is a Far Light”

    Not even a year after the breakup of black metal outfit Altar of Plagues, former frontman James Kelly has announced his solo debut as WIFE. Entitled What’s Between, the album’s due out May 10th through Tri Angle and sees Kelly not only adopting a new moniker, but also a new sound with the help of experimental producer The Haxan Cloak.

    What’s Between is a disorientating and splintered pop record that finds light and dark at constant odds with one another, industrial tones and throbbing techno beats clashing with elegiac pastoral atmospherics,” notes a press release.

    For a taste of what’s to come from WIFE, take a listen to “Heart is a Far Light”. A song about “wanting someone to care about you, even if it is a lie,” it’s appropriately mournful and despairing, wrapped in ghostly chants and foggy atmospherics.


    What’s Between Tracklist:
    01. Like Chrome
    02. Tongue
    03. Heart Is A Far Light
    04. Salvage
    05. Dans Ce
    06. A Nature (Shards)
    07. Living Joy
    08. Fruit Tree
    09. Further Not Better