Both Future and Kanye West are no strangers to serving as the inspiration for video games. Last June, Kanye journeyed through time and space in the delightful and free-time-absorbing RPG Kanye Quest 3030. Then, back in April, Future’s “Move That Dope” was transformed into a Paperboy-inspired top-down (only replace newspapers with drugs).

Now, the duo come together in the 8-bit world courtesy of a new flash game inspired by the music video for their joint single “I Won”. And guess what? it might be the most sexist thing since Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes. Playing as both emcees, your goal is snag your very own “trophy wife” by throwing gold chains at girls on the beach and literally transforming them into trophies. I’ll repeat: you transmogrify grown women into commemorative decorations.

It’s a surprising end-goal, given that the Honest standout is, according to Future, all about “uplifting women”. Not sure that’s exactly what Kathleen Hana had in mind, or if the developers are perhaps just trying to be ironic. Either way, I’m going to go make myself feel better by beating up hospital workers in Grand Theft Auto V.


Play it below. If you do so for more than 10 minutes, you should probably then go hug your mother or something.