Listen: AlunaGeorge remix Coldplay’s “Magic”

AlunaGeorge // Photo by Robert Altman

    Photo by Robert Altman

    Next month, U.K. dance-pop duo AlunaGeorge will open for Coldplay at London’s Royal Albert Hall. To mark the occasion, Aluna Francis and George Reid have shared a remix of “Magic”, one of the highlights off Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories.

    Their first remix since reworking Dirty Projectors’ “The Socialites” last year, AlunaGeorge wrap one of Coldplay’s most subtle singles in subdued electronic flourishes. Despite its glitchy synthesizers and drum machine percussion, the remix manages to keep the original’s spirit. It’s not as bombastic as the EDM romp of the Avicii-produced “A Sky Full Of Stars”, and that’s a good thing. Listen in below.