Top 10 Songs of the Week (6/27)

    As a fan, there’s always an excited nervousness for an artist’s answer to a classic album, especially if they’re trying to follow up a strong debut effort and avoid the sophomore slump. Grimes and Pallbearer, while vastly different, are each coming off minor masterpieces in their respective genres of pop and metal with nobody really knowing what their new material would sound like. Both ended the anticipation this week and dropped new singles to vibrant reception. Their successes put them on this week’s countdown, which veers all over the spectrum.

    10. Viet Cong – “Static Wall”

    Viet Cong Cassette

    Matthew Flegel and Michael Wallace (formerly of post-punk band Women) were shopping around a lo-fi project of theirs called Viet Cong last year, but nobody bit. The band didn’t concede, making their own tapes to sell at shows. Eventually, their mysterious pop songs were heard by the people at indie label Mexican Summer, and now they’re receiving a much-deserved formal release, Cassette, out July 8th. “Static Wall” buzzes with vintage hiss and spooky synth lines that fall in with an acoustic guitar pattern, all mixed and organized tactfully despite the purposefully lo-fi sound quality. It doesn’t grab your attention as much as it earns it. –Jon Hadusek