Watch: Erykah Badu video bombs a NYC news reporter

    Erykah Badu was on New York’s PIX 11 News on Saturday, but not as an interviewee or invited guest. Instead, she video bombed reporter Mario Diaz while he reported on Shia LeBeouf’s arrest.

    In the clips below, you can see Badu smiling and walking behind Diaz, showing off her bright outfit and making salacious hand gestures. Then, she attempts to lean in and kiss the reporter on the cheek, but Diaz gently shoves her aside and continues on with his report like a pro.

    Despite it clearly being her underneath that giant white hat, Badu initially denied her cameo.

    Eventually, she revealed the truth:

    Diaz responded, saying his wife saw Badu rolling up and prepping the bomb. He promised that, “Next time I won’t do the NYC push back,” and quoted Prince’s “Kiss”:

    Watch below for proof that video bombing isn’t just for bros anymore (via Pitchfork).