Hey Chicago! Polaris and The Adventures of Danny and Mike are coming to Lincoln Hall!

    Poster by Steven Fiche

    “PIPE!” On October 26th, the Windy City will look a lot like Wellsville, USA. That’s because Consequence of Sound is finally bringing Polaris and The Adventures of Danny and Mike: The Podcast to Chicago’s friendly neighborhood venue, Lincoln Hall.

    Have you been dying to hear “She Is Staggering” live? Do you want to scream along to “Summerbaby”? Feel the need to see Muggy Polaris in the flesh? Good. Mark Mulcahy, Scott Boutier, and Dave McCaffrey will all be on stage to bring the very excellent Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete to life.

    It gets better: Both Dan Tamberelli (Little Pete) and Mike Maronna (Older Pete) will be on site to record an episode of their hilarious podcast, The Adventures of Danny and Mike. Tamberelli will then perform with his garage rock band, Jounce, before Polaris takes us to the stars. So, basically, you’ll be part of a real-life adventure. Or as Artie might put it: “Soon you will be like Cheese Boy: melty, melty, melty!”


    In addition to the talent, there will be a number of on-site activations via Subculture, which include: a Pete & Pete-themed photo booth, Pete & Pete artwork for sale, and Pete & Pete-inspired pancakes courtesy of Babycakes Gourmet.

    Tickets are on sale now at Lincoln Hall’s official site, and like the Facebook event page. All attendees have the option of purchasing tickets for Polaris ($20), the podcast ($10), or both for a discount ($25). Get ’em fast and join the Age of Pete!

    To celebrate, revisit our Krebstar Mixtape 2000 below: