Led Zeppelin to reissue Physical Graffiti with unreleased music

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

    Led Zeppelin’s extensive archival project will continue into 2015 with a deluxe reissue of 1975’s Physical Graffiti. It will be released by Rhino Records on February 24th — 40 years to the day of the album’s original release.

    Similar to the band’s other recent reissues, Physical Graffiti has been completely remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page and comes accompanied with a second disc of unreleased material. Most notably, the tracklist contains alternative mixes of “In My Time Of Dying”, “Houses Of The Holy”, and “Kashmir”, as well as early versions of “Trampled Under Foot” and “Everybody Makes It Through” (titled “Brandy & Coke” and “In the Light”, respectively).

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    The reissue will be available in a variety of configurations, including double CD, deluxe triple CD, double LP, deluxe triple LP, digitally, and a super deluxe box set containing a hard-bound book and high-quality print of the album cover. See the full tracklist below.


    In recent months, Zeppelin has also released deluxe reissues of Led Zeppelin, II, III, IV, and Houses of the Holy.

    Physical Graffiti Deluxe Reissue Tracklist:
    Disc One
    01. “Custard Pie”
    02. “The Rover”
    03. “In My Time Of Dying”
    04. “Houses Of The Holy”
    05. “Trampled Under Foot”
    06. “Kashmir”

    Disc Two
    01. “In The Light”
    02. “Bron-Yr-Aur”
    03. “Down By The Seaside”
    04. “Ten Years Gone”
    05. “Night Flight”
    06. “The Wanton Song”
    07. “Boogie With Stu”
    08. “Black Country Woman”
    09. “Sick Again”


    Companion Audio Disc
    01. “Brandy & Coke” (Trampled Under Foot – Initial Rough Mix)
    02. “Sick Again” (Early Version)
    03. “In My Time Of Dying” (Initial Rough Mix)
    04. “Houses Of The Holy” (Rough Mix With Overdubs)
    05. “Everybody Makes It Through” (In The Light Early Version/In Transit)
    06. “Boogie With Stu” (Sunset Sound Mix)
    07. “Driving Through Kashmir” (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix)

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