Top 10 Songs of the Week (2/27)

    So, clicking through this list, you might notice a conspicuous absence. The release of any new Kanye track will cause heads to turn, and the flamethrowers and crowds surrounding “All Day” certainly did that. But for the purposes of this list, we’ll be waiting on the studio version to dominate here (and likely elsewhere). In the meantime, we’ve got a diverse list to tide you over, ranging from a hip-hop collaboration from pals T.I. and Young Thug to a new track from iconic indie rockers Built to Spill. Whether you need something bruising and dark like electroacoustic experimenters Shampoo Boy or tender and thoughtful like throwback soul singer Leon Bridges, this list has something to satisfy.

    10. Shampoo Boy – “Spalt”

    Shampoo Boy Crack

    Electroacoustic music isn’t always the most subtle stuff, preferring to bust up your speakers with raw power or burn at a low, constant rattle. But the latest from improvisatory trio Shampoo Boy ripples and wrinkles, building to its scorching peak in a confluence of layered guitar buzz and electronic whirs in a way that post-rock fans will certainly find familiar. The group toss handfuls of gravel into their churning rapids of deep-tar bleakness. “Spalt” and the rest of their upcoming album, Crack, will be available from Blackest Ever Black on April 6th. –Adam Kivel