Top 10 Unique Gets for 2015 Music Festivals

If you value scarcity, these are the festival acts for you.


    Where do you glance first on a lineup announcement poster? Do you try to confirm your knowledge of the headliners or zoom in trying to actually read that very bottom line? Now just lists of names and streams of logos, these artists will soon be the fuel for tens of millions of summertime tales — each colorful narrative a unique perspective on that shared experience. As the pool of talent across the festival landscape seemingly dwindles, the stories themselves begin to homogenize. So, since we support all festival attendees, from the main stage fence-hangers to the incessant stage wanderers, this list examines a selection of artists who will keep your recap (plus pics, .gifs, snaps, and vids) premium. These are the most unique festival gets of 2015 thus far.

    –Derek Staples
    Senior Staff Writer

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