Natalie Prass missed her show in Copenhagen, so Ryan Adams put on a dress and covered for her

Hello world, meet Natalie Sass

Ryan Adams

    While touring through Europe together, Ryan Adams and Natalie Prass have been known to trade a few covers. Unfortunately, something went wrong with Prass’ flight and she was forced to miss tonight’s show in Copenhagen, Denmark, so there would be no artistic back-and-forth this time.

    But the show must go on, so Adams instead donned a dress and came out as “Natalie Sass” to perform Prass’ songs as an opening set. “I am usually much more gorgeous,” Adams/Sass said upon taking the stage. “The humidity fucks up my hair.”

    Below, watch video of Sass performing Prass’ “Birds of Prey” along with a few photos from the show. By the way, Prass is set to play our CoSigns IV show at South by Southwest, and if she can’t make if for whatever reason, we’ll totally let Sass fill in.



    Natalie Sass.

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