Let Me Drake That For You is the all-Drizzy search engine of your dreams

Think Google -- but "on fleek"


    Tired of turning to Google for your inquisitive needs? Looking for a little something extra from your search engine, perhaps? Enter Let Me Drake That For You, a new web portal that provides the Drizzy-related answers to all your questions.

    Type in any word or phrase you desire, and poof! Discover any connections, no matter how random, to Mr. OVO himself. Every so often, there are even Drake-y sound clips (“YUHHH!”) that pop up while you’re poking around the page, encouraging you to press on with your curiosity. There’s even an “I’m Feelin Drizzy” button that delivers an irreverent .gif augmented by some flashy additions.  It’s incredibly easy to use and ever so amusing. “#lmdraketfy is like Google, on fleek,” the site’s description proudly proclaims. I’m inclined to agree.

    Here’s what happened on my first go-around:



    Let Me Drake That For You - search engine



    Let Me Drake That For You was developed by Tyler Smith. Go on and lose a couple hours of your life on it here.


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