Lucasfilm is searching for a new director to helm its forthcoming second of two Star Wars spin-off films after parting ways with Josh Trank.

News of Trank’s departure surfaced late Friday. Trank said “he had made a personal decision,” however, The Hollywood Reporter says the 30-year-old director was actually fired.

The production of Trank’s latest film, a reboot of Fantastic Four, has apparently been riddled with problems as a result of the director’s “erratic,” “indecisive,” and “very isolated” behavior. According to The Hollywood Reporter, reshoots for the film have taken place as recently as last month, and producers need to step in to help pull the film together.


Additionally, Trank’s dogs caused over $100,000 worth of damage to the house he was staying at while filming Fantastic Four.

When Lucasfilm got wind of the issues, the studio began to reconsider Trank’s involvement in the as-yet-untitled Star Wars film — which is why he was noticeably absent at last month’s Star Wars Celebration. Ultimately, the studio decided to fire Trank and is now looking for a new director to helm the film.