Editor’s Note: With David Duchovny releasing his debut studio album, Hell or Highwater, this week, we figured it was a good time to revisit our 2011 list of the 10 best actors turned musicians. Now, the question remains, should we add Fox Mulder to the list? How about ScarJo?

    cos on filmActors. Love ’em or hate ’em, you’re bound to see their mugs every day. Seriously, unless you live like Ted Kaczynski — you know, as a recluse (not a bomber, gimme a break) — actors and celebrities stare you down day in and day out. They’re on your television (duh), they’re all across the ‘net (obviously), and they smile from the check-out stands at your local grocer (ohh). Despite what the sardonic headlines insist, they are pretty talented. Kardashians aside, you have to give them credit. Sometimes they deserve double credit…you know, when they’re multi-talented.

    We’re not discussing their ability to sell bullshit, either. (We’re looking at you, Mr. Sean Penn.) We’re also not hinting at their knack to change face, or physical presence. (Christian Bale, how do you do it?) No, we’re talking about their raw talents. Some actors can do things that go outside acting. A few might dabble in painting, and prove incredibly worthy. Others might be great politicians… sh’yeah, right. For the most part, if any cross over into other industries, it’s more often than not into music. It just makes sense.


    But not all can pull it off. Think about the real blunders of the past: Russell Crowe, Lindsay Lohan, Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, shall we go on? Okay, one last one: Steven Seagal. Horrible. (Actually, Don Johnson gets a bad rap. “Heartbeat” isn’t that bad. It’s a little cheesy, but think about the times. He nailed the time period.) Some can really pull it off, though. Enough that we decided to put together a list. Sure, some of our choices will no doubt come off as obvious, but others might surprise you. Regardless, this list is an honest carving of pure, real talent. These aren’t ironic choices. These folks deserve the spotlight, simply because they can deliver. They didn’t cross over for cash grabs — well, not that we’re aware of. No, they tried their hand and they succeeded.

    So, take a gander. You might be shocked.

    -Michael Roffman