Top Songs of the Week (5/1)

Titus Andronicus, Refused, and Dog Party made this week loud and large.


    Sometimes, you start the work week, and the next thing you know, it’s already Thursday. This week felt that way around here, as it was packed with great new releases and standout songs. Heck, this year has felt that way — it’s already May, with a third of the year clocked away. But, to ease some of the anxiety that comes with the calendar pages flipping by, we’ve got some new tracks from a bevy of heavy-hitters. We’re psyched on the return of Titus Andronicus, grooving with R&B crooner Gallant, and riding with young rap phenom Bishop Nehru. And that’s less than a third of the list.

    10. Bishop Nehru – “Harmony in a Glass”

    Bishop Nehru

    After releasing a project with MF DOOM in the form of last fall’s NehruvianDOOM, 18-year-old New Yorker Bishop Nehru is now showing that he doesn’t need a big-name collaborator by his side to progress as a rapper. In fact, once he begins his first verse on the silky “Harmony in a Glass”, he’s too zoned in to even let the beat breathe, much less invite a guest rapper into the fold. That’s not to say the song is tensely introspective, although Nehru’s opening lines (“Not a day passes that the glass doesn’t spill/ Because my happiness and sadness interact before the thrill”) do set up the track to be a reflective one. Still, he eases up to give it a youthful tint: “Blowin’ doja so the aroma’s in the coat stuck/ Showin’ no fucks, I just stroll with the funk.” Find the song on Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP, out May 11th via Mass Appeal. –Michael Madden

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