Top Songs of the Week (5/22)

This week officially kicks off the Song of the Summer debate.


    It’s still May and the “song of the summer” conversation is already starting to get kicked around. But with tracks as strong as these, it’s kind of hard to keep that argument out of your brain. The stone-cold grooves of Jamie xx, paired with vocal contortions from Young Thug and Popcaan, make their case, but so does the Springsteen-ian new single from Dan Bejar’s Destroyer. There will be plenty more contenders in the weeks to come, but this week, have fun arguing which of these should sit at the top of the ranks.

    10. Briana Marela – “Surrender”

    Jagjaguwar Briana Marela album

    “Surrender” was born from the stray parts of two other songs. After Briana Marela flew out to Iceland to record her Jagjaguwar debut, she found herself sitting with two songs based around vocal loops that she didn’t know what to do with. Rather than discard the sketches, she fused them together, and the result is the first single from that album, a gorgeous heave of rhythm and voice. Marela’s atomized voice flits through the track’s atmosphere as her loops coalesce into a smooth drone. Her lyrics shudder from behind curtains of effects and drums and wordless harmonies until suddenly, they’re startlingly clear: “I’ll give you all I’ve got.” Marela’s All Around Us is out August 21st via Jagjaguwar. –Sasha Geffen

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