An R-rated Hollywood adaptation of CHiPs is on the way

Starring Michael Peña and Dax Shepard as Ponch and Jon Baker, respectively


    In the age of franchise revival we’re currently occupying, it was only a matter of time before a CHiPs reboot hit the streets. HBO’s True Detective currently features a highway patrolman conducting detective work on television, so officer Jon Baker and his partner Ponch are headed to the big screen. During an interview with Collider while doing press for Ant-Man, Michael Peña confirmed that Warner Bros. has given the film the green light and shared some more details about the upcoming buddy cop action flick.

    Peña likened the adaptation to Lethal Weapon, noting that the film will definitely lean more towards action than comedy. “It’s almost like you lose a little bit of the plotline whenever you’re off doing your own comedy thing, so we’re focusing a little more on the plot, if that makes any sense whatsoever,” said Peña, making total sense. In the past, adaptations of old television shows have fallen into more of a campy comedy category like Dukes of Hazzard or the Charlie’s Angels films, so it’s exciting to hear that CHiPs will be more in the A-Team vain of action first, laughs second.

    Peña will play Officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, who was played by Erik Estrada in the television show, while Dax Shepard (Idiocracy) will play his partner Baker, originally played by Larry Wilcox. Vincent D’onofrio is also cast in an unknown role, possibly as the villain. Peña added that Shepard’s wife Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) is being sought after for a role as well.


    Shepard will also write and direct the film, which has no release date set yet.

    Revisit the opening to the CHiPs TV show:


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