This Pitchfork Music Festival update is brought to you by our friends at Dark Horse Wine.

Soft-spoken singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt arrived at the Blue Stage on Friday afternoon to sing of dreaming, dancing, and daring to fall in love through several songs off her 2012 self-titled debut album. Her guitarist strummed along to her lead, quietly. Festival attendees clung to the shadier spots of grass and found comfort under the trees. But as the wind picked up, so did the volume and the winning conviction in her voice.

Pratt’s latest album, this year’s On Your Own Love Again, landed on Pitchfork’s list of 2015’s Most Overlooked Records. But the thing about being an overlooked artist is that it makes you put in that extra bit of effort. You deliver. You keep on getting better. Which is exactly what Pratt did. She performed with closed eyes, present, taking pride in a relaxing summer moment.

The 30-minute set blossomed into the sunny Chicago afternoon. The distant bass of the further stages was a steady reminder of the many attractions across the festival grounds. But Pratt was an artist who performed against the odds — even in an outdoor environment full of tempting sounds. She not only delivered alluring vocals, and quirky guitar movements, she also made it look and sound effortless.


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