Billy Corgan, dressed as a nun, and Marilyn Manson cover “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” — watch

Tour mates team up for one very strange performance

    Photo via Twitter

    Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson have spent the better part of the summer on the road together on their joint The End Times Tour. Over the weekend, both Billy Corgan and Manson gave their Nashville fans a treat as they teamed up for a memorable collaborative performance.

    As Alternative Nation points out, in addition to a rendition of Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”, the two alt rockers whipped out a left-field cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Seeing as how Corgan was rockin’ a nun outfit pretty proudly, I think the rendition should’ve actually been renamed “’90s Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”; either way, it’s good to see the Pumpkins frontman in better spirits after his sad trip to Disneyland.

    Check out fan-caught footage below.