Chance the Rapper and Noname Gypsy join forces on “Israel (Sparring)” — listen

Two Chicago MCs team up for one insightful number

    Photo by Nina Corcoran

    As we’ve seen time and time again, Chance the Rapper can easily hold his own on stage and in the studio. However, he also knows how to bring a unique voice to his collaborations, such as on his mixtape with Lil B, Free (Based Freestyles)and his live team-up with Kendrick Lamar last month. The MC again shows his ability to adapt yet stay distinct on “Israel (Sparring)”, a joint track with fellow Chicago native Noname Gypsy. You may recognize Noname’s voice from the Surf cut “Warm Enough”, and she and Chance play off each other even better on this latest insightful track.

    Listen/download it below.

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