George Miller rumored to be directing Man of Steel 2

Mad Max mastermind may take on Superman sequel


    Back in 2007, Mad Max mastermind George Miller was hired to direct an adaptation of DC Comics’ biggest team property, Justice League. While that movie never came to fruition (partially due to the success of The Dark Knight), Miller may yet have his shot at directing a DC property. According to a new rumor, the acclaimed filmmaker will helm the true Superman sequel to Man of Steel.

    The rumor comes from Jon Schnepp, director of the recent documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, which examined the never-realized Superman movie with Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage. While guesting on YouTube channel Pop Corn Talk’s Marvel Movie News (ironically), Schnepp off-handedly mentioned that he’d heard Miller would indeed be directing Man of Steel 2.

    While this is pure rumor, the source is pretty reliable. Schnepp has garnered major nerd cred, even before his documentary, and would be unlikely to risk tarnishing it at this point. Moreover, Miller is confirmed to have visited the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set, perhaps to get a firsthand account of where Zack Snyder was taking the character. Snyder, who directed the first Man of Steel, will be too busy handling the double Justice League film to work on a proper Superman-centric sequel. Considering how high Miller’s standing is with Warner Bros. following the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, there’s a lot of logic in this speculation.


    Below, watch Schnepp drop the news on the unsuspecting Marvel News crew.


    In related news, a documentary about Miller’s failed Justice League: Mortal film is in the works, but is currently stalled as they await Warner Bros.’s permission to use the characters.

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