Top 10 Songs of the Week (8/14)

From tragedy emerges visceral songs of beauty and power

    Some of the best songs come from the most tragic circumstances — and this week’s list of top songs is no exception. Between Wondaland Records’ protest song and its remembrance of black lives and a posthumous track featuring late rapper Sean Price, the feature carries some serious sadness, but with it, some beauty and power. Add in some haunting contributions from the likes of Joanna Newsom and rowdy, fun (not to mention strangely capitalized) garage rock from FIDLAR and together PANGEA, and you’ve got a visceral group of songs. Enjoy!

    10. Abby – “Hush”


    Though they share three of four all-caps’ed letters in their name and hail from relatively close quarters, don’t lump German indie rockers ABBY in with Swedish pop megastars ABBA — this ain’t disco. On new single “Hush”, ABBY do utilize falsetto and a groove-ready rhythm, but there’s a psychedelic bent to the vocals, and the polyrhythmic click-thump-clap percussion won’t likely find its way into too many discotheques. Instead, the nimble, popping guitar, swooning strings, and richly layered drumming push and pull dramatically, set for some cinematic runs through darkening landscapes. ABBY’s sophomore LP, Hexagon, hits shelves October 2nd via Island Records. –Adam Kivel