Watch Bon Iver’s entire headlining set at Eaux Claires Festival

Justin Vernon's band's first performance in three years, captured in full

    Photo by Zoe Prinds

    Bon Iver gave the single greatest set at this year’s inaugural Eaux Claires Festival, not least because it was their first show in nearly three years. Beyond the fact that it was a return, however, the performance was equal parts humbling and awe-inspiring for those in attendance, as Justin Vernon had to force back tears as he led his bandmates and friends through material old and new.

    The set featured two new songs, giving fans hope that the band would soon be back, despite frontman Justin Vernon’s mixed signals on the subject. Guests rolled in and out throughout, from The Staves to Colin Stetson to the Dessner brothers, Aaron and Bryce. And now, you can relive the whole thing.

    Redditors have come across a YouTube video of the entire performance, which you can now watch below. The setlist can be found underneath the clip, courtesy of uploader Paul Seal and


    Bon Iver Eaux Claires Festival 2015 Setlist:
    Intro (00:34)
    Heavenly Father (03:20) w/ The Staves
    Lump Sum (07:23) w/ yMusic
    Towers (13:11)
    Calgary (16:53)
    Flume (23:05)
    Blindsided (26:00) w/ Josh Scott
    Brackett, WI (32:20) w/ Colin Stetson
    Babys (36:25) w/ Aaron and Bryce Dessner
    Holocene (41:35)
    Pert (48:32) w/ The Staves
    For Emma (53:33) w/ No BS! Brass Band
    The Wolves (Act I and II) (58:10)
    New Song #1 (01:04:40) w/ yMusic
    New Song #2 (01:08:52) w/ The Staves
    Skinny Love (01:14:00)