The autumnal extravaganza Festival Supreme — curated by Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass and held Saturday, October 10th at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds — has a lot more going for it than (hopefully) cooler temperatures. As anyone who’s stepped within shouting distance of a Tenacious D tune can attest, Black and Gass like to explore the places where music and comedy intersect, and their festival follows suit. Returning to L.A. for its third year, Festival Supreme has morphed from a pretty cool idea into a muscular, remarkably diverse celebration of music and comedy, with a special emphasis on the comedy.

    Consequence of Sound will be on the scene at Festival Supreme this Saturday, and most of the acts we’re excited to see involve women who are rising stars in the comedy world. The dudes have had their day for a few too many days, but the proverbial boys’ club has given way to a host of female comics ranging from TV powerhouses (Amy Poehler comes to mind) to up-and-comers like Morgan Murphy and Poehler’s Parks and Recreation co-star, Aubrey Plaza. All of the above will take the stage at some point on Saturday, as will a few other women who are guaranteed to crack you up. Here are five of our favorites.

    Kristen Schaal


    You Might Know Her From: Her hilariously deadpan coverage of dad bods and other pressing social issues as The Daily Show’s Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent. Before that, Schaal made a name for herself as the creepy fangirl Mel on Flight of the Conchords, though she’s no stranger to the stand-up stage, either. It’s a wonder Schaal even has time to stop by Festival Supreme; her current projects include starring roles on FOX’s The Last Man on Earth and Bob’s Burgers.

    Why She’s Great: Schaal gets a lot of comedic mileage out of her awkwardness, which manifests in overlong pauses, wide-eyed stares, and a slight lisp that she uses to her advantage. These qualities make her a great voice and character actor, but one gets the impression that Schaal is just as charming in real life. She may take a little getting used to, which is why she shines in longer bits and stand-up sets.

    A Funny Thing She Did Once: “The Taintologues”, Schaal’s own special take on The Vagina Monologues, is pretty much what it sounds like.


    Kate Berlant

    Kate Berlant

    You Might Know Her From: An outrageously funny stand-up set on Comedy Central’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, on which she appeared in August. Berlant frequently collaborates on shorts with fellow comedian John Early, and the two will share the stage on Saturday.

    Why She’s Great: Berlant keeps a straighter face than any other comic, and she needs to. Her onstage persona depends on a lethal dose of self-seriousness, and she espouses absurd views (“I believe 100 percent that women have the right to steal cosmetics”) with the quiet confidence of someone totally set in their convictions.

    A Funny Thing She Did Once: Girl meets boy. They fall in love. They fall out of love. Oh, and they both have intricate tribal tattoos. On their face.


    Charlyne Li


    You Might Know Her From: Li debuted in Judd Apatow’s 2007 film Knocked Up and later starred in the 2009 indie comedy Paper Heart, which she also wrote.

    Why She’s Great: Yi’s style is about as far from traditional stand-up as it gets. A better way to describe it? Performance art that happens to make you laugh. And cringe. Definitely cringe. This makes her a bit of a wildcard, and we don’t know whether she’ll play songs or tell knock-knock jokes during her set on Saturday.

    A Funny Thing She Did Once: Li’s 2011 interview on Conan was basically a rundown of everything she does well, from telling convoluted knock-knock jokes to writing impromptu songs.


    Morgan Murphy


    You Might Know Her From: Bobcat Goldthwait’s Sleeping Dogs Lie and World’s Greatest Dad, where she fit right in with the director’s dark comic tone. Murphy’s 2013 comedy special, Irish Goodbye, is available to stream on Netflix and highly recommended.

    Why She’s Great: Murphy specializes in making wry, honest observations about things we rarely think about very hard. One of her funniest bits involves her distaste for music festivals, so she should be in fine form on Saturday.

    A Funny Thing She Did Once: Murphy’s breakdown of what it’s like to live in New York may anger fans of the Big Apple, but it shows how effective she is when she hits on something relatable.