Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/16)


    The end of the year is swiftly creeping up on us, and we’re still waiting for a whole slew of overdue surprise albums. But until those busy stars pay us what they owe us, we’ve still got plenty of new tunes to chew on. This week brought return hits from indie pop powerhouses Chairlift and MØ, as well as a breakout single from young pop punk upstarts Slutface. EMA weighed in on mass shooters, Eddi Front shone some light on mental illness, and Rome Fortune sank into his melodic side — a good mix even for the most impatient among us.

    10. MØ – “Kamikaze”

    mo diplo kamakazi

    As far as Diplo collaborations go, “Kamikaze” keeps things fairly relaxed, though Danish singer can’t help but leak in a little doomsday. “We got one, two, three until the end of the world,” she sings, as though that’s no cause for alarm, just an excuse to party a little harder while we’ve still got time. Diplo supplies one of his snaking synth riffs, for his part, taking a tip from his work with Jack Ü and practically dueting with MØ’s vocal melody at the end of the chorus. “Kamikaze” could have slipped in easily next to a certain Bieber-assisted megahit, but as a standalone, it makes a breezy addition to MØ’s growing arsenal of singles. –Sasha Geffen


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