Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/2)


    Sometimes there are songs that are so good that it doesn’t matter who performs them. Other times, there are performers so captivating that it doesn’t matter what they’re delivering. But, as we saw when Beyoncé and Eddie Vedder covered “Redemption Song”, there are times when the Venn diagram covers both of those strengths, and we’re left with something downright magical. Such is the case with another batch of the week’s best songs, ranging from the spiritual funk of Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Shabazz Palaces’ WOKE to the emotionally resonant indie rock of Radiator Hospital. Dig in below for some dazzling tunes.

    10. The Muscadettes – “Earthquake”

    The Muscadettes

    Despite currently calling Montreal home, twin sisters Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge stay true to their sunny California roots on “Earthquake”. The latest single from their band, The Muscadettes, sounds all sunny and sweet, but there’s a darkness lingering under the satin harmonies, jangly guitar, and twinkling keys. “Surrender, my tender/ Your heart is my revolver/ I pull the trigger to the beat,” they sing, the jaunty rhythm never suggesting there could be pain coming with each and every snare hit. “Earthquake”, and the rest of their Side B EP, officially drops November 6th from PaperCup Music. –Adam Kivel


    09. Cousin Stizz – “The Wave”

    Cousin Stizz

    Cousin Stizz’s great mixtape from June, Suffolk County, was banging, druggy, and frequently funny. The Boston rapper takes a darker turn on “The Wave”, which, while still assured in tone, outlines the rigors of his grind, one he continues through various temptations, friends’ jail sentences, and sleep deprivation. “Y’all could just stop with the questions/ Been smoking this weed ‘cause I’m stressin’,” he goes, but he’ll be right back to it once the fumes disappear. Tee-WaTT and M-Ali’s beat is a spacey, flickering thump that opens pockets into which Stizz embeds his nonchalant style, despite his woes.  –Michael Madden

    08. Pan-Pot feat. Frankie – “Riot”


    Known for their tortured techno selections, Pan-Pot pulled their newest full-length offering, The Other,  from such a broad production palette that some fans actual questioned if the band was “trolling” their SoundCloud feed. “Riot” (featuring Frankie) most challenges the preconceived notions of the duo’s sound. As the track calmly professes: “We got nothing to lose, especially no time.” Not only did Thomas Benedix and Tassilo Ippenberger defy all expectations with the vocal-centric single, they went and placed it nearly directly in the middle of the 14-track Second State (already available via Beatport). So often it’s the most shallow of dance music that infests pop; here’s wishing more producers catch the “Riot” virus. –Derek Staples

    07. KYLE feat. Chance the Rapper – “Remember Me?”


    Quirky California rapper KYLE might be best known for his appearance on Surf’s “Wanna Be Cool”, and now, Chance the Rapper returns the favor. Chance’s chorus is warm and unsurprisingly catchy, while KYLE fleshes out its narrative (“I say, ‘You gon remember me’/ You say, ‘What’s your name again?’”) by remembering a non-replying female acquaintance’s lack of interest in him: “Your heart is so much bigger ever since I made it big.” Truly “big” or no, KYLE is a rapper who injects his songs with meaning for the modern age, and he sounds good doing it. His new album, Smyle, is out today.. –Michael Madden

    06. Radiator Hospital  – “Will You Find Me?”

    Radiator Hospital

    Sam Cook-Parrot’s lyrics always sink straight into the hearts of sensitive indie rock fans, and the latest single from Radiator Hospital should be no exception. “Calm me when I fuck up/ And I will do the same,” he soars, before the rest of his band chugs into a conclusion that echoes Dinosaur Jr., though less focused on guitar spectacle and more on wrapping you up like a warm blanket. This sub-two minute gem is one you’ll want to replay a few times over, and let Cook-Parrot’s sweetly sighed vocals wash over you. “Look into my face/ When I say I trust you completely,” he entreats his subject. After listening to a song like this, how could you not? “Will You Find Me?” will be released on a split 7″ with English indie punks Martha on October 16th via Specialist Subject Records. –Adam Kivel

    05. Pity Sex – “What Might Soothe You?”

    Pity Sx Band

    For the past few years, the Michigan band Pity Sex has dressed up its punk core in layers of shoegaze distortion. Their latest single, “What Might Soothe You?”, is no different. This time around, though, the group’s co-vocalists hone in on their hooks. “I’ll pull you down/ When there’s no one else around,” sings Brennan Greaves, which seems like an offer heavy with pathos and hiding the hint of a threat. Written by the band’s drummer, Sean St. Charles, the whole track carries the air of a love song from someone who’s already given up on the love in question. “What Might Soothe You?” is the first single from Pity Sex’s new album, White Hot Moon, due next spring from Run for Cover. –Sasha Geffen

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